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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Since October 2015 the latest re­lease of Microsoft’s ERP solution, Dynamics NAV 2016, has been avail­able. Microsoft is also keeping the three pro­mises it made to users with the latest ver­sion of its ERP solution: Like the previous ver­sions, Dynamics NAV 2016 is quick to imple­ment, easy and intuitive to use, and assists medium-sized companies all over the world in achieving their business goals.

The ERP software provides a wide range of use­ful new functions and improve­ments for this. These especially con­cern the inte­gration and the different clients. Further­more, Dynamics NAV 2016 also contains numerous appli­cation upgrades and new options for developers.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 feature highlights:


Direct integration with Microsoft CRM and Azure

Dynamics NAV 2016 can be optimally connected to the Microsoft products Azure and CRM. It is connected to CRM Online via a new connector that is integrated directly into NAV. This new integration ensures that business processes (especially in the sales and marketing sector) can be developed seamlessly and easily.

Improved document management and OCR

Dynamics NAV 2016 provides various upgrades for better creating, saving and managing. For example, the new OCR (optical character recognition) service helps to create invoices automatically by text recognition.


New workflow module for efficient work processes

By new workflows the user creates himself/herself, Dynamics NAV 2016 makes it much easier to handle a wide range of different business processes within a company. For example, the module can be used to automate processes or to inform certain users as soon as they have to handle a business transaction.

Clients NAV

Innovations in the Web, Tablet and Smartphone Clients

All available clients have been revised for Dynamics NAV 2016 and new functions have been added to them. Furthermore, the current release now provides a separate client for smartphones. A newly introduced Universal App (available for Windows, iOS and Android) also adjusts the structures to a wide range of mobile end devices (including smartphones). App users can therefore benefit from a user experience that is optimised for touch screens and at the same time provides the familiar role-based interface of the Web and Windows Clients.

Upgrades to financial accounting

Some innovations have also been provided for the financial accounting. These include, for example, a new posting preview and delay templates for documents.

E-services and social engagement

New integrated E-services (e.g. integration of electronic invoice despatching) in Dynamics NAV 2016 enable a better connection to the outside world. The Microsoft Social Engagement cloud service can also be used to connect different social media to the ERP system.


Additional improvements

Dynamics NAV 2016 also contains numerous upgrades in the developer environment (e.g. new automated tests for partner solutions and user implementations), in the report layout and in the user groups.

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