Microsoft Azure Solutions

Integrated cloud services to get you started in the cloud

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive set of integrated cloud services with a clear performance focus on business customers. The services are provided worldwide by Microsoft from a network of data centers in 42 regions and 140 countries. For German companies, the cloud services are provided either from the Europe region (locations in Dublin & Amsterdam) or directly from Azure Germany (locations in Magdeburg & Frankfurt).

Scalable infrastructure and platform services

Microsoft's public cloud services can be divided into three categories: infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS) and software (SaaS). As infrastructure, virtual machines, storage and networks can be booked in Azure in any scalable way. As platforms, e.g. SQL databases, IoT or app and BigData services can be flexibly booked directly from Microsoft (or from one of the numerous service partners) for a consumption fee. The software category then includes the entire operation of a software (incl. licenses & updates) based on registered users. The best-known and most successful Microsoft services are Office 365 and Dynamics 365. 

Maximum security with Microsoft Azure

Until a few years ago, there were still justified security reservations against the use of public cloud services in companies, but the performance principle of the Azure Cloud has now also become established in Germany due to its advantages (scalability, availability, cost efficiency). Microsoft's considerable investments in the transparency and security of Azure have also played a significant role in this.

Microsoft's SaaS services and Azure Core services are certified according to ISO 27001 and ISO 27018. With the conclusion of the EU standard contractual clauses, Microsoft has also subjected itself to compliance with European data protection and already guarantees future compliance with the DSGVO up to the end user. In the German cloud, Azure is also certified by the BSI in accordance with the C5 requirements catalogue and, with the trust model via German Telekom, even has precautions against government industrial espionage or prosecution from the operator's home country.

With prisma csp you can rely on the availability and security of the Microsoft Azure Cloud for your IT operations.


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