Leave the chaos behind - electronic document archiving made easy

Digital transformation changes everything - with DocuWare & Microsoft Dynamics 365 you're ready

Everything is digital - we store pictures in the cloud, send emails instead of letters and replace meetings with video calls. Digitalization is shaping and accelerating our work and our business models, it is finding its way into offices more and more. 
But the reality also has a second side - many manage their documents such as invoices, credit notes etc. with the classic mix of paper and file storage. 


  • Too much paper in circulation (space requirements),
  • problems complying with legal requirements,
  • high time and cost factor,
  • unclear work processes and
  • overloaded employees etc.

DocuWare loves Dynamics 365 Business Central - for legally compliant document management

How does the interface work?

The certified interface "Dynamics to DocuWare" enables document archiving from Dynamics NAV / Business Central. Commercial documents are automatically transferred to the DocuWare Cloud for audit-proof document archiving (directly as PDF). Document and index data are transferred as part of monitored batch processing.

To support the release and digital processing of, for example, electronic and paper-based incoming invoices, a pre-configured workflow has also been implemented. The account assignment and invoice information are then automatically transferred from DocuWare to financial accounting for further processing and made available to all authorized users in the ERP system. The interface processes the DATEV invoice format from DocuWare.
When an indexed document is stored in DocuWare, the document can also be called up (via URL) from Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central with a so-called document link. Both systems are connected to each other via the document link. The communication between the two systems is exclusively encrypted.

Certified "Dynamics to DocuWare" interface

After going through a manufacturer-specific certification process, "Dynamics to DocuWare" has received the certificate as an official DocuWare integration product.
The solution supports all operational forms, versions and application combinations (on-premises/cloud) of the Microsoft and DocuWare software deployment. 

Why our interface?

The interface …

  • ... leads to greater user acceptance - no media discontinuity, everything in one application and simple data entry or form management.
  • ... automatically complies with legal requirements.
  • ... leads to cost & time savings through automatic archiving & workflows; manual entry & research is no longer necessary.
  • ... enables intelligent processing of the DATEV invoice format.
  • ... helps to achieve reliable ERP analyses. 
  • ... leads to improved customer service & employee satisfaction.