PI Conteksto - advanced text management

Optimal use of document texts in Business Central with the PI Conteksto app

By the app PI Conteksto by prisma informatik, longer pre- and post-texts (e.g. order conditions or general terms and conditions) can be inserted and managed particularly conveniently in Dynamics 365 Business Central documents.

In contrast to the Business Central standard, the module can also be used to maintain text blocks at line level – for example for individual resources or items – and for customers. PI Conteksto also offers more formatting options (e.g. bold, italic) than are available as standard.

The app not only offers an easier way to add personalized salutations and farewells, but also to tailor documents such as quotations and orders to each individual customer using individual leading and trailing texts. In addition, more detailed descriptions of the items can be attached to the document lines, for example.

Simple administration and automatic use

The standard document texts created can be maintained via the document text list. If the "Automatic Texts" setting is selected, these are automatically inserted into new documents. The texts can also be added to the document manually.

The centralized administration and comprehensive usage option reduces the maintenance effort for standard texts enormously. With the option of defining particular time periods for automatic texts, these can be maintained with great foresight and displayed for specific periods. In addition, different texts can be stored for different responsibility centers (e.g. pick-up instructions for different locations).

An option for entering messages, e.g. for items or at customer level, which is also only available via the app, can also be used to provide organizational support for employees.

For the setup of prisma informatik's own product PI Conteksto, we provide here a small documentation | online help.


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  • Individualized and informative customer documents thanks to formattable long texts (not possible in the BC standard)
  • Reduced maintenance effort thanks to centralized management of text blocks
  • Automated pre- and post-texts for each document
  • Use of standard texts in documents
  • Integration into sales processes
  • Feature also at line level
  • Text blocks also for customers (e.g. in the form of messages)
  • More control for the end user thanks to flexible customization without "hard coding"
  • Strengthen customer loyalty through customized documents