PI Suite Data Provider - data transfer made easy

Convenient export functionality for fast data provision of information from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

There is a lot of potential in corporate data. Those who make optimal use of the value of their ERP data can gain comprehensive new insights, make efficient decisions and secure important competitive advantages. Ideally, the corresponding information should always be evaluated using a suitable analysis tool, such as Qlik Sense or Power BI.
But before the data can be analyzed accordingly, it has to be transferred from the ERP software Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to the analysis software. Here, using the PI Suite Data Provider offers a convenient export functionality, especially if classic web services are not suitable for the required data export.

PI Suite Data Provider - How does the module work?

The dynamic PI Suite Data Provider enables the user to export the required information in table form out of the ERP system on a time-controlled basis at regular intervals (via task queue). The data is finally loaded into Microsoft‘s cloudbased Azure Blob Storage and then uploaded to the desired analysis platform for further use. The tables and fields exported in the process - if necessary also from third-party modules (apps) - can be selected independently and without programming and transferred to the analysis system. Data exchange with Azure Blob Storage files is standard with the analysis platforms.
The PI Suite Data Provider is installed as an extension in the desired Dynamics 365 Business Central environment in no time via the extension management and can then be used immediately for data export.

For the setup of prisma informatik's own product PI Suite Data Provider we provide here a small documentation | online help.


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  • Fast and easy data provision of information from Business Central through dynamic export functionality
  • Time-controlled and individual data export (e.g. daily or hourly) of desired tables or only individual fields
  • Configuration of tables for data transfer without complex Business Central programming
  • Very high data transfer speed compared to standard web services and no additional web services required
  • Data transfer from multiple clients configurable (multi-client management)
  • Data exchange via Azure Blob Storage included in the standard of common analysis platforms (e.g. Qlik Sense, Power BI)
  • Various formats possible for data export (e.g. json, xml, csv)
  • Different field labels for json files selectable (FieldNo, FieldName, Caption) - for intelligent processing structures in the receiving systems
  • Calculated fields (SIFT fields) can be transferred from Business Central (e.g. customer balance, item inventory, item availability etc.)
  • Customer-specific tables or data from third-party modules (apps) can also be transferred