BC Suite designed for Qlik - modern BI

Flexible reporting and analyzing solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business

prisma informatik has developed the BC Suite designed for Qlik specifically for users of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Qlik SenseThe BC Suite minimizes the preliminary technical work required to integrate the systems, automates script creation and offers numerous other features. So our customers do not need far-reaching knowledge of the Qlik products, nor does the IT department need to provide elaborate and costly support in the ETL process.
The cloud-based BC Suite can also connect other business applications of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product family as a data source to the Qlik solutions.

BC Suite designed for Qlik

Get to know the flexible reporting and analysis solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central


BC Suite and Components:

BC Suite SCRIPT GENERATOR - user friendly and comfortable

The BC Suite does not provide a ready-made script as other solutions do. Rather, data models for Qlik Sense can be automatically generated from the respective Business Central environment very comfortably.
BC Suite enables all customer-specific extensions and adjustments to be transferred this way − irrespective of the databases degree of customization.

Script creation takes place directly in the respective Dynamics 365 Business Central environment in a user-friendly and convenient manner. The Script Generator can be used to create the Qlik data model for the different ERP-modules directly (e.g finance management, purchasing, sale, warehouse, project etc.)

BC Suite GROUPING FUNCTION – modifiable at any time

The integrated Grouping Function allows ERP data to be restructured for analysis purposes without the need for additional extensions within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The individual dimensions can be adjusted according to the respective requirements at any time. New dimensions can be added whenever needed.

The Grouping Function offers a wide range of applications for various purposes:

  • Charts of accounts   
  • Financial statements according to applicable laws and regulations (e.g. IFRS)
  • Profit and loss accounts, management analysis   
  • Groupings of accounts for key performance indicators (KPI)   
  • Cost center, cost unit, and cost element planning   
  • Creation of cluster analyses for customers, articles etc.

BC Suite LAYOUT TEMPLATES – flexible and individual

With the various Templates already integrated in the BC Suite, users can work immediately with the interfaces tailored to their department or adjust and extend them according to their needs.
The Layout Templates are based on the scripts generated beforehand and are adapted according to the individual departments. These basic templates can be flexibly combined with one another, customized and extended.

Your illustration facilities:

  • Pie charts
  • Line charts
  • Bar charts
  • Combination charts
  • Tables, Pivot tables and more

DYNAMICS 365 INTEGRATION – BC Suite interactive

The BC Suite allows Qlik Sense analyses to be integrated directly into the interface of Dynamics 365 Business Central. This way, the analysis possibilities within the ERP system can be considerably expanded.

Using Dynamics 365 Integration, any Qlik objects can be embedded into the ERP system on different user-defined levels. Integration is possible on one of the main start pages, in list views, or on more detailed levels, depending on needs. Basically speaking, any desired Qlik components can be integrated on any page into Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The Qlik objects remain completely interactive within Dynamics 365 – just as if one were directly in the application.

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