DocuWare and Qlik - a powerful combination

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence with a DMS-system

In addition to a seamless integration of DocuWare and Dynamics 365 Business Central, we also offer integration solutions in data analysis and business intelligence with DocuWare. 
The document management system (DMS) DocuWare can be used in many ways in everyday business, including in combination with analysis software such as Qlik Sense. A combination of the two systems can provide valuable support in different application areas. 
We have developed helpful integration solutions that provide support in different business processes.
It is also possible to combine DocuWare with the Microsoft analysis software Power BI.

Application areas of DocuWare in combination with an analysis software such as Qlik Sense

Data quality - index tables are gold 

The indexing data of archived documents is worth its weight in gold for targeted research, because the quality of DocuWare lists is only reliable if the index tables are also filled correctly and completely. And the intelligence of your DocuWare workflows also lies in the quality of the index data as their triggers.
With an analysis system such as Qlik Sense, the high data quality requirements of the index tables can be optimally monitored at all times.
With Qlik Sense, you can easily detect and correct:

  • Input errors of free text fields (e.g. capitalization or fleeting spelling errors of recurring terms) 
  • Incompletely filled index fields 
  • Process or system weaknesses in the automatic filling of index data 

Interface monitoring

With interface monitoring, you can immediately detect data discrepancies, as differences between the document management system and the connected business applications can occur during data exchange with third-party applications. With the support of an analysis software such as Qlik Sense, the corresponding interfaces can be monitored easily. 
By using the Qlik Sense analysis software, deviations or differences can be identified:

  • Discrepancies or differences, which can be traced back to errors in the interfaces or subsequently changed data in one of the systems, can be quickly detected.
  • Missing documents (e.g. not filed outgoing invoices from the ERP system), contract documents and posted incoming invoices without reference to the document in DocuWare can be reconciled and recognised.

Cross-system research

With the help of the Qlik Sense analysis software, searches can take place not only across archives, but beyond the DocuWare system. This makes the use of the DMS system even more efficient. 
For example, data from DocuWare can be combined with data from Dynamics 365 Business Central during the document search.
The search is not limited to the index tables of the DocuWare archive, but enables a cross-system search for documents via content-related linked information from the ERP system or other business applications (such as CRM, PIM, LVS, Webshop, etc.). 

Efficient process analysis

Process analysis using analysis software can support important strategic and organisational decisions in the company. Through the combined use of Qlik Sense and DocuWare, different processes can be analysed quickly and easily using classic key figures and diagrams. Here, for example, effort volumes or interface traffic can be monitored in a targeted manner: 
How many documents come through a defined interface per day? How many documents are transferred to the DMS daily, monthly or annually? How much data storage has increased on average as a result? Which document type consumes how much storage capacity?
By analysing these or other questions, relevant company processes and structures (e.g. the workload per employee or department or the number of incoming invoices per year, quarter or month) can be checked in an uncomplicated way.