QlikView: User-controlled Business Intelligence

A self-service platform for guided analytics

With the classic business intelligence solution QlikView, Qlik started the revolution in the data analysis market at that time. With this product, users were able to access various data sources quickly and flexibly. Users are not limited to follow predefined analysis, but they can analyze relevant data in all directions and evaluate them independently without depending on stack technology.

For over two decades, QlikView has been used by companies of all sizes and industries around the world and has provided valuable services. QlikView can still be used with existing applications. 
However, with Qlik Sense, Qlik has gone a step further and has now introduced a next-generation platform for modern self-service analytics.

Qlik Sense extends your analytics capabilities

Qlik Sense is not a new version of QlikView. While both solutions are based on the Qlik Associative Engine and their core functionality is similar, there are differences in design and product strategy that reflect both technological advances and evolution in customer requirements.
Qlik Sense supports all analytics needs in the enterprise.

Discover the full potential of your data

Self-Service BI with QlikView offer you the opportunity to solve any business question and to answer all of your data discovery needs quickly.
But stay tuned and extend your BI for new competitive advantages with Qlik Sense.

New analyse possibilities Expand QlikView

3 Reasons to Modernize Your QlikView Analytics

3 Reasons