QlikView: User-controlled Business Intelligence

The self-service platform: A proven guided analytics and dashboarding solution

With the business intelligence solution QlikView, you have the ability to access different data sources quickly and flexibly. Users are not limited to follow predefined analysis, but they can analyze relevant data in all directions and evaluate them independently. QlikView supports the rapid development and deploymentof interactive guided analytics applications and dashboards.

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QlikView is ...

Business Intelligence for all

By the associative analysis of QlikView users get the posibility to answer complex questions without going back to an expert - spontaneously and individually as appropriate. The visualization capabilities provide the custom-made reports in addition relevance and transparency.

Intuitive operation

The app-like structure and the user-friendly interface allow to use the application easily and intuitively and to learn within a short time.

Ready for use

QlikView is easy to implement in any system - quick implementation times ensure for low cost.

Performance by high-tech

By the patented in-memory technology all analyzed data are stored in an optimized form in the working memory. The result is unrestricted reporting options with response times as quick as a flash. 

Unlimited data sources

Decisions can be made based on various data sources: ERP systems, CRM applications, databases, web services and its own corporate environment. QlikView connects different data sources and so provides comprehensive analysis options - without losings performance.

Powerful Office Integration

QlikView fits seamlessly into your existing Microsoft product portfolio. Whether it concerns the presentation of diagrams and tables in PowerPoint, the export of analysis in Excel or the presentation of reports in SharePoint: the complete QlikView functionalities are guaranteed.

Responsive mobile design

Besides classical display in the browser the convenient display and operation of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets are also guaranteed.

Protected data

Each user can creates his own analysis and visualizations - on the basis of consistent, secure and protected data across all devices.


Due to the flexible license models QlikView can be used in any size of enterprise.

Discover the full potential of your data

Self-Service BI with QlikView offer you the opportunity to solve any business question and to answer all of your data discovery needs quickly.
But stay tuned and extend your BI for new competitive advantages.

New analyse possibilities Expand QlikView

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