To DocuWare – Integration into the ERP system

Seamless integration of DocuWare into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The interface „To DocuWare“ integrates DocuWare into the ERP system Dynamics 365 Business Central for easily handled, legally compliant and automated document archiving.
High added value can  be achieved by linking business documents with ERP data. A perfect extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central when it comes to electronic document management.

To DocuWare – How does the integration work?

The integration solution enables document archiving from Dynamics 365 Business Central. Commercial documents are automatically transferred to the DocuWare Cloud for secure document archiving (directly as PDF) and receive a document link for later retrieval of the original in the DocuWare archive. Document and index data are transferred in a monitored and documented batch process.
To store each commercial document with the desired index data in DocuWare, archives and index fields are automatically read from DocuWare during setup and are available for dynamic assignment of index data per document type from Dynamics 365 Business Central. All communication between the two systems takes place exclusively via encrypted API calls.

„To DocuWare“ is part of the certified integration solution "Dynamics to DocuWare" and can be easily extended on request with preconfigured modules for automatic incoming invoice processing, shipping order and contract archiving.

For the setup of prisma informatik's own product „To DocuWare“ we provide here a small documentation | online help.


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  • … automatically complies with legal requirements.
  • … leads to cost & time savings through automatic and documented archiving.
  • … can be set up quickly and easily and leads to fast and immediately noticeable added value.
  • … supports document searches in day-to-day business and during audits and inspections.
  • … leads to improved customer service & employee satisfaction.
  • … is a cost-effective solution. At the same time, it is very flexible and can be easily extended with DocuWare through preconfigured scenarios such as incoming invoice processing, contract archiving and shipping order archiving.